We can’t stress this enough to our customers! Just like you need regular check ups to stay healthy, so does your car! Here are 5 reasons your car needs regular maintenance…

1. To detect faults before they become a safety concern.
2. To change engine oil before its lubricating properties are reduced too much by time, contamination and use.
3. Sludge build up in engine oil galleries caused by lack of oil changes is a prime cause of early engine wear.
4. To detect items that are wearing so they can be replaced before they fail causing inconvenience & expense.
5. Best of all Regular Servicing can greatly extend the life of your engine and your car.

Don’t ignore new sounds your car is making and don’t delay your oil changes. Your car is the 2nd largest investment you will make, so take good care of it by giving it regular “check ups” and new fluids!