Many people wonder why we charge for diagnostics. We try to keep our customers satisfied and costs to a minimum, but there are times when we need to charge for diagnostics. What is “diagnostics” anyway? It is when our certified master technician takes the time to methodically figure out what is wrong with your car. He is trained to look up and research the information in many ways, which takes time. Often, it comes down to the knowledge that our technicians are trained to have and to give your car the careful attention to the complaint that you may have. He’s learned new systems and technologies and that has, in the process, taught him how to learn. He’s developed critical thinking skills, the ability to apply what he’s learned, so that we could take that knowledge and use it to overcome situations and circumstances that even the engineers haven’t thought of yet. These are skills that are hard won, and that’s why we charge for it. You are paying for the knowledge and time it takes to know what is wrong with your car and many times it is extra time on top of the time it will take to actually repair your vehicle. It is our goal to work through actual diagnosis of your vehicle to fix the problem and not just take a guess by changing a part. We strive to give honest, professional workmanship and customer satisfaction with every repair at Legacy Automotive. Here’s an explanation courtesy of